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UNO Online

The all-time favorite card game is finally available online! Take the popular board game everywhere: now with updated controls, global season events, game modes, and many more! UNO Online provides plenty of fun and excitement for everyone, even if you're at home, at work, a complete beginner or an UNO expert.

Are you ready to scream...UNO!?

How to Play UNO Online

At UNO Online, there are various ways to improve your victorious possibilities. The game's primary mechanic is to eliminate every card in your hand first by simply pairing the color or numbers of the card in the center. Use every power-up card to improve your gameplay. Remember to push "1" once you only have a single card in your hand.

Game Features

  • Enjoy playing with thousands of players online

Defeat as many other UNO Players as you can by joining different lobbies or creating your own. UNO Online is a multiplayer game that everyone can play conveniently and for free!

  • Tag-Team Match

Grab your partner or join hundreds of accessible lobbies. To defeat the opposition players, support one another to eliminate all cards on your hands (or your ally's cards) as fast as you can.

  • Find Opponents Online

Want to play solo? No worries, join quick match mode to find a worthy opponent instantly. Create your best strategy to achieve victory.

  • Enjoy and experience the thrill of UNO Online!

Uno Online is played with 108 cards altogether, with each of the following four colors represented: reds, blues, greens, and also sunny yellow.

  • Power-ups to help you defeat your opponents

There are multiple power-up cards to help you win the match, Action cards, and Wild cards. There are three various kinds of action cards in this game. Skip, reverse, and draw two action cards. On the other hand, wild cards consist of 2 types, the wild card and draw four wild cards. Use all these to secure your victory.

Release date

October 2020


Code This Lab srl


All devices

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