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Thin slabs are floating over the square-shaped foundation and you must Stack them atop each other as high as possible to reach your new best score. If you fail to stop the moving blocks once they’re exactly above the base, the overlapped section is cut off and your next move becomes harder. The area you’re left to build on shrinks after even the slightest of mistakes, and quickly enough, the minute errors add up, so you must try again.

After just a few minutes of playing, you’ll begin to appreciate the gorgeous simplicity of the gameplay. The graphics are vivid and minimalistic, while the piano-themed sound effects fit the relaxing gameplay perfectly. This is a prime example of how the simplest ideas backed up with high-quality execution are the essence of any great game design.

How to play Stack

To get good in this game, you must relax and go with the flow toward success. If stopping blocks on a dime the first time they’re floating over the base is too demanding, try to get into the rhythm for their quick return. Remain consistent with your approach to continuously achieve the desired results.

When you manage to make a perfect match with the base surface below a satisfying piano note is played. If you’re persistent enough to practice and improve your skills, you’ll start lining up a couple of perfect plays in a row for astounding musical and visual results.

What are the controls for Stack?

You play this amazingly relaxing block-stacking game on mobile and PC devices alike. Tap or click once the slab floats directly over the foundation below to Stack them high up in the air.


  • A gloriously relaxing endless block-stacking game
  • Immersive graphics and sound effects
  • Casual and addictive gameplay

Release date

July 2022




All devices

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