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Watermelon Suika Game

Watermelon Suika Game is a captivating and entertaining fruit puzzle game, sometimes compared to Tetris due to its similar mechanics. The game's primary goal is to strategically stack and combine various fruits such as watermelons, melons, pineapples, and others in a box. The challenge lies in arranging these fruits in such a way that they don't cross a specified line at the top of the playing field. As you progress, the game increases in complexity, requiring more strategic planning and quick thinking to combine fruits effectively and achieve the ultimate goal of unlocking the almighty watermelon.

How to play Watermelon Suika Game?

In Watermelon Suika Game, players need to place fruits into a box one by one. These fruits move around within the box following the laws of physics and can bump into each other. The core mechanic involves merging two identical fruits to form a bigger fruit. The game continues with the player trying to manage the space efficiently and strategically combine fruits. The game ends when the fruits touch the top line of the box, so careful arrangement and anticipation of fruit movements are crucial for success.

What are the controls for Watermelon Suika Game?

  • Mouse / Arrow Keys: Control where to drop the fruits in the box
  • Left Click / Spacebar: Drop the fruit


  • Engaging fruit-merging puzzle mechanics
  • Bright and colorful fruit graphics
  • A variety of fruits to combine and manage
  • Simple, intuitive control scheme
  • High score tracking for competitive players

Watermelon Suika Game is ideal for those who enjoy strategic puzzles and casual gameplay. It offers a satisfying blend of easy-to-learn mechanics with gradually increasing difficulty, providing both a relaxing and mentally stimulating experience​.

Release date

November 2023


Momo Games


All devices

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