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Apple Worm

Picture this: you’re a charming little worm tasked with navigating through complex levels filled with apples just out of reach. With each apple you consume, you grow a segment longer, which helps you bridge gaps and slither your way around obstacles that once seemed impossible. But beware, with a bigger size comes the bigger challenge of maneuvering your elongated body and not getting stuck into an inescapable nook! 

Apple Worm is an adventure forcing you to plot two steps ahead while eating fruit. Simple graphics combined with music in the background of the game make this journey even more enjoyable. As a great bonus, if you suddenly reach a dead end or fall off a building, you can always start over! But don’t simply rely on your luck because a dose of tactics and strategy is also important for reaching the finish line.

How to play Apple Worm

In Apple Worm, you control a hungry worm with a desire for apples. Your goal is simple — eat fruits to grow longer and make your way to the exit portal. As your worm lengthens with each apple, the challenge is to avoid getting trapped by your growing body or the level's obstacles.

The game combines the joy of problem-solving with the satisfaction of puzzle completion. With each level, you'll find the challenges more complex, requiring inventive solutions.

What are the controls for Apple Worm?

The game is available on PC and mobile devices. It uses classic arrow keys or WASD setup for movement for desktop users. If you play on a mobile device, a simple interface with on-screen arrows will respond to your every tap.


  • Gameplay that tests logic and strategic skills
  • Complexity grows with each level
  • Interesting game suitable for all ages

Release date

January 2022




All devices

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