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Rescue Girl

Rescue Girl is an engaging game in the “pull pin” puzzle genre made originally famous by mobile games of similar sorts and offers players a mix of adventure and strategy in a cute cartoon fantasy setting. Players navigate through a castle filled with traps, puzzles, and various enemies including demons and big spiders​​​​.

How to Play Rescue Girl?

The player's goal is to help the game's protagonist, Rescue Girl, navigate through a castle to collect treasures and save her friends. The gameplay involves strategically pulling pins to manipulate the environment, solving puzzles in each level. Players must carefully consider the order in which they pull pins to avoid dangers like lava and enemies. The game includes levels where players must use elements such as water to counteract obstacles like lava, and it also features challenging boss fights that require thoughtful decision-making​​.

What are the controls for Rescue Girl?

The controls for "Rescue Girl" are simple and intuitive, relying primarily on the use of a mouse:

  • Use your mouse or tap on the screen to interact with the game elements and pull pins​​.


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • A HUGE variety of levels with unique challenges
  • Boss fight levels for added difficulty
  • Intuitive mouse or touch-based controls
  • Daily login rewards for regular players
  • Entertaining and addictive gameplay

Release date

October 2023




All devices

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