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Protect My Dog

Protect My Dog is a thrilling game where you’ll need to think of out-of-the-box ways and strategies to keep your furry friend safe.

How to play Protect My Dog?

Protect My Dog is a fun game where your objective is to protect your dog from hornets, traps, and from falling into magma! You’ll need to be incredibly creative in coming up with ways to protect your feline buddy. Make sure that any safety contraptions you come up with don’t have any systemic flaws and are stable to an extent. The hornets attacking you can eventually push your defensive bubble so you’ll need to keep that in mind when planning out your defense.

There are a total of 40 levels for you to try out in Protect My Dog. The levels get progressively harder as you move forward in the game. In some levels, you’ll be suspended mid-air, or sometimes you’ll have the responsibility of protecting multiple dogs! The objective still remains the same, protect your dog by all means!


On desktop:

  • Use the left mouse button to set up defenses around your dog.

On mobiles:

  • Draw on the screen using your finger


  • Multiple levels! There are multiple levels for you to play. The levels get increasingly difficult as you progress so there’s always a challenge awaiting you!
  • Creative gameplay. Come up with creative protective measures to save your dog from the hornets and traps.
  • Intuitive controls. The controls of Protect My Dog are easy to understand. All you have to do is make a defensive shield around your dog to protect it from any harm. This allows players of all skill levels to play and enjoy the game

Release date

October 2022




All devices

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