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Lucky Life

A punker with a beer belly and the Mohawk haircut you’re controlling isn’t having the best time in the so-called Lucky Life. On the road to the finish flag, in dozens of levels available, there are giant circular saws, cannons, spears, deadly spikes, wrecking balls, and many other obstacles you must avoid. Where’s the luck in that?

This is a 2D platform running game featuring a wicked sense of humor, gory graphics, and up to 5 different characters to unlock besides the default washed punker. There are a total of 60 levels available, split across 10 stages containing 6 levels each. To tackle fresh challenges and unlock the next 6-level stage, you must complete the Full Stage in one go after completing every individual level.

How to play Lucky Life

While all the characters are kind of repulsive, you must give them credit for their toughness. Losing a limb or getting shot with a spear in the head won’t stop them, and they’ll still be able to crawl their way to the finish line unless you’ve made a really big mistake.

Try to remember all the obstacles and proper methods to overcome them in the first playthrough because completing the Full Stage to unlock the next one may prove challenging if you’re not prepared and focused.

What are the controls for Lucky Life?

Lucky Life is yet to be mobile optimized, but you can play it for free in a PC browser. Use the arrow keys to walk, jump, crouch, crawl, and stand up in an attempt to avoid all the deadly obstacles and reach the finish flag.


  • A gory 2D platform running game
  • Wicked sense of humor and spoofy characters
  • Up to 60 levels available divided into 10 6-level stages

Release date

November 2020




All devices

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