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Slenderman Must Die: Hell Fire

Experience the primal fear and sheer horror while playing Slenderman Must Die: Hell Fire — an eerily beautiful 3D first-person shooter. The story of Slenderman Must Die: Hell Fire begins inside a gothic church. The main protagonist is a firefighter hoping to go on a well-deserved vacation after finishing his job successfully. He's by no means ready for what's to come.

This isn’t what he signed up for. These things attacking him aren’t even ordinary zombies — they’re burning! Soon enough the main villain shows up, and the chase is on. Bravery doesn’t mean that you feel no fear, but doing the right thing even in the face of grave dangers.

How to play Slenderman Must Die

After the quick intro — all hell breaks loose — burning corpses are flying, and the zombie apocalypse is real. It's a good thing firefighters always carry an axe, so you at least have some sort of weapon to defend yourself.

After the initial shock, you’ll get used to the movement and swinging your trusty axe, and start enjoying chopping zombies. However, in the following, more difficult levels, having only a melee weapon won’t be enough.

Luckily, you’ll soon find various firearms scattered around the city. Try to use the ammo efficiently, and maybe even switch to the axe for dealing with easier enemies, thus saving precious rounds for tougher monsters.

What are the controls for Slenderman Must Die?

Slenderman Must Die: Hell Fire is currently playable exclusively in a PC browser. The controls are shown below.

  • WASD keys — Movement
  • Navigate mouse — look around
  • Left mouse button — fire
  • Right mouse button — aim
  • Mouse scroll — switch weapons
  • G — grenade
  • R — reload
  • F — pick up items
  • Left shift — run
  • Left ctrl — crouch
  • X — prone
  • V — melee
  • Space — jump


  • Spine-chilling FPS horror game
  • Voice acting and storytelling elements
  • Pick up various weapons along the way to vanquish your foes

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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