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Semi Truck Snow Simulator


Semi Truck Snow Simulator

Enjoy the realistic ice road trucking experience from the safety of your home in Semi Truck Snow Simulator! Navigate the narrow, mountainous routes carefully and deliver the cargo to the designated checkpoint across 15 perilous stages. This is not a racing game! Tugging a huge trailer isn’t going to make your already risky assignment any easier. Remember to be gentle not only with the gas and brake pedals but also with the steering wheel. It’s crucial when driving on snowy roads — both in real life and in this amazing truck driving game.

How to play Semi Truck Snow Simulator?

After the first inevitable crash, we might be thinking the same thing — who the hell designed these narrow and steep roads? Don’t worry about it — you’ll quickly learn to tame your big rig. The key to success is driving CAREFULLY.

Don’t push the pedal to the metal, expecting to drive through the treacherous terrain safely. If you’re driving downhill, let the gravity and inertia do most of the work, and use the brakes lightly as necessary. On the other hand, when there’s a steep hill ahead, it’s a good idea to gain some speed before attempting to overcome it.

The steering must be performed meticulously, too, especially if you’re driving on a slope. It’s better to tap the controls repeatedly and slowly drive through a stage rather than just hold them. As you’re attempting to turn right or left while also braking or pushing the throttle, the trailer will begin to sway, and regaining control can become nigh impossible.

What are the controls for Semi Truck Snow Simulator?

Semi Truck Snow Simulator is currently available in a PC browser. Use WASD or arrow keys for gas, braking, and steering.


  • Realistic ice road truck driving simulation
  • 15 levels featuring treacherous mountain routes
  • Heavy-duty cargo delivery gameplay

March 2023


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