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Game The Final Earth 2 preview
Game The Final Earth 2 preview

The Final Earth 2

The Final Earth 2

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9.8(63 votes)

The Final Earth 2

After the apocalyptic scenario on our native planet, the humans suddenly become space refugees, and the quest to colonize The Final Earth 2 begins. Upon landing on a surprisingly habitable asteroid, it’s your mission to build a thriving space city from the ground up. Harvest precious resources, discover new techs, micro-manage the production, and construct all the auxiliary facilities to keep the space pilgrims happy and content.

This is essentially an idle 2D city-building/colony-management simulation, featuring retro graphics, surprisingly complex gameplay, and immersive music. The in-game tips are concise and informative, so each new building or mechanic is easy to pick and further integrate into your colony. Fresh and exciting possibilities arise with every passing minute, and it’s your job to ensure that all the people’s needs are well taken care of.

How to play The Final Earth 2

In the very beginning, you’ll be using only raw materials such as stone or wood for construction projects. Make sure that food production is steady and build additional indoor farms whenever necessary to accommodate the needs of an ever-growing population. As your technology gradually develops, you’ll start accumulating additional resources, such as knowledge, machine parts, refined metals, and computer chips.

Besides various production facilities, your population needs to stay healthy and gain proper education, so eventually, you’ll build schools and medical clinics. The people will be more productive if you manage to keep them happy. Construct entertainment buildings every once in a while, such as parks, pubs, museums, and many others, to keep the colonists’ spirits high.

What are the controls for The Final Earth 2?

We enjoyed playing The Final Earth 2 more in PC browsers purely because of the better transparency, but the game works perfectly on mobile devices, too. Click or tap to navigate the game menus, select buildings to construct, and choose their placement in the Brave New World.


  • A 2D pixelated space colony builder
  • Plenty of micro and macro management options
  • Concise and informative in-game tooltips

Release date

June 2021


Florian van Strien


All devices

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