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Game Dynamons 7 preview
Game Dynamons 7 preview

Dynamons 7

Dynamons 7

Theatre mode
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Dynamons 7

Dynamons 7 is yet another game in the popular Dynamons -series of turn-based RPG games revolving around capturing and training diverse creatures called Dynamons. Fans of Pokémon will especially enjoy the similarities between this series and Pokémons!

This seventh installment introduces fresh regions and Dynamons, offering both returning players and newcomers a thrilling blend of exploration and strategic battles. Make sure to check out the other Dynamons games too:

How to play Dynamons 7?

In Dynamons 7, you start your adventure by choosing a starter Dynamon from options including the fire type Flarion, water type Lampion, and forest type Fenecorn. You are guided by the expert Jovani, who introduces you to the game mechanics through an initial tutorial.

Your journey will lead you through varied environments such as Tall Pines forest where you can encounter and capture rare Dynamons. Each Dynamon comes with unique abilities that can be enhanced as you progress in the game, and each comes with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Make sure to keep them in mind as you embark on your adventures!

What are the controls for Dynamons 7?

The game employs simple point-and-click mechanics. You interact with the environment and manage battles by clicking or tapping on the Dynamons and options presented on the screen.


  • Turn-based battle system
  • Variety of Dynamons to capture
  • Unique abilities for each Dynamon
  • Cool storyline and character progression to keep you entertained for days!
  • Explorable new areas like Tall Pines and secret caves

Release date

April 2024


Azerion Casual Games


All devices

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