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The original Dynamons isn’t a polished game by any means, but it lets you see what a successful franchise of turn-based RPG games looks like in its infancy. Even without some essential interface menus, the gameplay is quite enjoyable and will get you hooked quickly, especially if you’re a turn-based strategy player.

Cast spells at your opponent’s champions to capture them and assemble the best team of Dynamons originating from water, fire, and nature schools of magic. Each team member has specific strengths and weaknesses, and you can swap them during battles to make the best of any given circumstances. Do you have what it takes to catch them all?

How to play Dynamons

You can have up to 3 champions on your team simultaneously, and to heal them, you must visit the Clinic, marked with the red heart icon on the map. Using this heal triggers a lengthy cooldown, but leveling up a character tops up its HP, too. For a character to gain XP from the battle, it must deal damage during its course, so use the ones with low health to deliver the killing blows without risking taking damage.

After leveling characters up, you’ll unlock additional spells that have either weak or strong effects on your foes. In a balanced triangle of elemental forces, fire beats nature, nature beats water, and water beats fire, therefore, it’s optimal to keep at least one unit of each magical origin in your team of three.

What are the controls for Dynamons?

You can play this amazing turn-based strategy RPG on PC and mobile devices alike. Click or tap to move and interact with the easily discerned interface icons. 


  • A very enjoyable turn-based strategic RPG 
  • The original iteration of a successful game franchise
  • Rewarding progression and addictive gameplay

Release date

January 2018


Azerion Casual Games


All devices

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