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Game Funny Battle Simulator preview
Game Funny Battle Simulator preview

Funny Battle Simulator

Funny Battle Simulator

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Funny Battle Simulator

Funny Battle Simulator is an exciting real-time strategy in which you’ll take up the role of the stickmen army general. The battles play out in slow motion, and there are 7 different unit types to deploy. There’s a troop cap in every level you can’t exceed, and the composition of your squad is also limited by the funds available.

The rudimentary graphics aren’t this game’s strong suit, but if you enjoy tactical troop deployment, you’ll quickly overlook this fact and solely focus on the most important part — gameplay! Once you start the battle, units move according to the encoded AI patterns. Therefore, solid formation, preparation, and tactics are the keys to victory.

How to play Funny Battle Simulator 

To help you decide which troop composition to deploy on the battlefield against the enemy’s current formation, here’s a quick overview of all the units in Funny Battle Simulator.

Melee units:

  • Cudgel — basic dispensable unit, low cost, fast
  • Spartan — good defense, low offense, protects the backline
  • Knight — a cost-efficient mix of good offense and defense
  • Cyclops — slow, expensive, tanky, hard-hitting cleave

Ranged units:

  • Archer — low single-target damage, fast attack speed
  • Grenadier — AoE damage, slow casting animations
  • Zeus — God of thunder, epic, the most expensive, powerful AoE

Before deploying any units take your time to analyze the opposing army composition. Strike a delicate balance between the quantity and quality of your troops.

What are the controls for Funny Battle Simulator?

You can play this amazing real-time strategy on both mobile and PC devices. The mobile controls are easily discerned and self-explanatory, and the PC controls are shown below.

  • Spaw units — LMB
  • Delete units — Ctrl + RMB
  • Move camera — WASD keys
  • Rotate camera — LMB + Q/E keys
  • Speed up battle — Shift


  • A tactical 3D stickmen army general simulation
  • Limited funds, unit cap, and strategic gameplay
  • 7 different unit types and dozens of battles to win

Release date

December 2021




All devices

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