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Game Get on Top preview
Game Get on Top preview

Get on Top

Get on Top

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9.3(44 votes)

Get on Top

Get on Top is an engaging and dynamic 2-player wrestling game where you and a friend battle it out to wrestle each other's characters to the ground.

How to play Get on Top?

The goal is to push your opponent’s character in such a way that their back or neck touches the floor. The essence of the game is simple yet exciting: wrestle with your opponent, using strategic movements to gain the upper hand.

Use smart movements and strategies to gain the advantage. Being overly aggressive or playing without a plan might lead to a swift defeat. The game requires a mix of quick reactions, strategic thinking, and an understanding of the physics and movement mechanics of the characters. Pay attention to timing!

What are the controls for Get on Top?

  • Player 1: WASD keys
  • Player 2: Arrow keys


  • Two-player gameplay for exciting head-to-head battles
  • Simple yet challenging mechanics focusing on balance and movement
  • Fast-paced rounds, each aiming for 11 points to win
  • Engaging physics that require careful movement and positioning

Release date

March 2024





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