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G-Switch 3


G-Switch 3

G-Switch 3 is a fast-paced running game that can be played either solo or with up to 8 players on a single keyboard.

How to play G-Switch 3?

In G-Switch 3, the player controls a character who is constantly running forward on a futuristic, gravity-defying track. The track is divided into lanes, and the player can switch between these lanes to avoid obstacles and collect power-ups. The twist is that the track can be flipped upside down at any time, forcing the player to adjust their strategy and reflexes to stay alive.

The game features several modes, including a single-player campaign with 30 levels, a multiplayer race mode where up to 8 players compete to reach the finish line first, and a survival mode where players try to stay alive as long as possible on an endless track.

What are the controls for G-Switch 3?

Controls are simple no matter what device you're on. On desktops:

  • Player 1: Left click with the mouse
  • Player 2-8: Define it from the game menu.

And on mobiles, just tap on the screen.


  • Gravity-defying gameplay: The game challenges the player to navigate a track that can be flipped upside down at any time, adding a unique twist to traditional running games.
  • Multiple game modes: The game offers several modes, including a single-player campaign, multiplayer races, and a survival mode, providing a variety of challenges and replayability.
  • Power-ups: The game includes power-ups such as shields and speed boosts, which can help the player stay alive and gain an advantage over their opponents in multiplayer mode.
  • Simple controls: The game can be played with just one button, making it easy to learn but difficult to master.

May 2018

Serius Games

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