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Vex 4


Vex 4

Vex 4 is a unique platformer for those who want to test their reaction and agility. If you like overcoming obstacles and getting adrenaline, welcome to the world of Vex 4! The game's interface is designed in a classical manner, reminiscent of almost childish drawing. However, this solution promotes a concentration on the functional elements. And there are many of them: sharp blades, guns, cutting scythes, blocks to run on, and more. In addition, the plot of the game prepares a lot of traps. The action dynamics in Vex 4 consist of constant running, jumping, and other character abilities. Test your reaction, and do not let the little man die!

How to play Vex 4

Inside the game, your character will be on a white platform stuffed with many colored details. Your task is to dodge in time, jump, and not fall into traps. The character can also save himself by climbing. In the game, there are 9 different levels. When playing Vex 4 you need to be vigilant and respond immediately to any movement that occurs in the gameplay. Are you ready to test your skills and pass all the tests?


  • No age limit for this game. Fun for both adults and children
  • The little man is easy to control. He reacts immediately to all your commands
  • Use your PC and smartphone to play (iOS version available)
  • Many rewards
  • The function of complicating the game

October 2018

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