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You can know a lot of .io games, but (which is also known as is unique. This game is a multiplayer survival, similar to the rules of nature in real life. First of all, you will be the little fly, then you will evolve into a butterfly, after that, your character will develop into a mosquito, etc. Yeah, maybe the evolution here is pretty weird, but who cares? The game is fun, and that’s all that should make sense. It was released in April 2018.

How to play

Even if the concept is simple, you should get used to manipulating your character. It’s not that straightforward. Anyway, you can control your animal by WASD buttons for movements and left click for flying. Each form of life has its available food to eat and predators to avoid. For example, the dragonfly may eat ladybugs and may be eaten by crocodiles. Your future food would glow green, and your natural enemies would have a red outline. Don’t forget to stay hydrated too, the lack of water could kill you. The game is available in a web browser and has an Android version. Have a excellent time playing this! You can beat all the records and become the highest form of the food chain! We believe in your skills.


  • The map is enormous. It has an underground, sky, garden locations, and so forth.
  • Fun multiplayer format.
  • 45 various forms of life (the very final form is the grim reaper)
  • If someone kills you, your character will rise in the same form (it means that you don’t have to start as a fly)

March 2023


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