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Dynamons 4

If you enjoy turn-based RPG games, you’ll be delighted to try out Dynamons 4! Gain experience by winning countless battles, capture weakened opponents to add them to your team, defeat challenging bosses, and progress through different zones. Your party in each battle will consist of up to three dynamons, and you can switch them on each turn to gain the upper hand over the opponents. As your crew members gain levels, they’ll unlock new and unique skills, and by completing quests, you’ll collect useful consumables that can turn the tide of an indecisive battle.

How to play Dynamons 4

After completing the tutorial battle, you’ll be able to choose one out of three dynamons to start playing with. You can’t get it wrong because you’ll be able to capture them all if you’re persistent enough. All the characters have three base stats — “attack”, “defense”, and “aiming”. Each character can unlock at least 5 different skills, and after unlocking a few, you’ll figure out their strong suits but also weaknesses.

If you click on the “team” in the bottom right corner, you’ll notice at a glance that each dynamon belongs to one of 5 available magic schools. Take your time to learn which elements are strong or weak against others. This way, you can devise an impervious strategy and have a counter-pick in your team for each enemy.

What are the controls for Dynamons 4?

Dynamons 4 is a point-and-click game playable on both PC and mobile devices. Tap or click to cast spells, use items, and browse the interface. Hold and drag to move around the map.


  • Entertaining and addictive turn-based RPG
  • A host of strategies to assemble the best team
  • Plenty of quests, boss fights, skills, and consumables
  • A wide selection of elemental magic schools to counter your opponents

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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