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Narrow One


Narrow One

Narrow One is a fun-filled action game. Play this medieval-styled game and take down your opponents using crossbows and bows and arrows!

How to play Narrow One?

Narrow One is a game where you jump around and experience the thrill of being a knight in shining armor as you hunt down your enemies with bows and arrows! Play capture the flag in Narrow One and capture your enemy’s flag thrice to win the round. Hit headshots to do more damage to your enemies


When starting off a game, you have to choose from 6 different playstyles. These playstyles can be made into presets that you can customize on the main menu. They’re different weapons available for each playstyle, each with its pros and cons. Play the way you’re comfortable with.


They’re 15 maps available for you to play Narrow One in. Each map has its unique features with some similarities. To move around the map quickly, try bunny hopping to travel across the map quickly. Near the flag zone, there should be secret entrances for you to use to get back to your home base quickly.

What are the controls for Narrow One?

Narrow One is an easy game to play. On desktop, you’ll have to use the WASD keys as your directional controls and spacebar to jump. Use the left mouse button to shoot your weapon and use the right mouse button to aim.

On mobile, use the joystick on the left-hand side of the screen to move. Tap on the buttons on the right-hand side to shoot your weapon and jump.


  • 3D Multiplayer game! Narrow One is a 3D multiplayer game where you play against your opponents to capture the flag!
  • Custom party! Invite your friends and play in a custom party with them!
  • Unique maps! They’re 15 distinct maps available for you to explore and play Narrow One in.

March 2021

Pelican Party Studios

Cross platform