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Game Narrow One preview
Game Narrow One preview

Narrow One

Narrow One

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9.1(55 votes)

Narrow One

Narrow One is a captivating and fast-paced multiplayer archery game that brings together action and strategy in a medieval setting. In this game, players join teams to compete in various maps, each offering unique challenges and environments. The gameplay revolves around using bows and arrows to outmaneuver and outshoot opponents, emphasizing teamwork, precision, and quick thinking. With its charming low-poly graphics and intuitive gameplay, Narrow One has quickly become a favorite among casual and competitive players alike.

How to play Narrow One?

Narrow One is a game where you jump around and experience the thrill of being a knight in shining armor as you hunt down your enemies with bows and arrows. Play capture the flag in Narrow One and capture your enemy’s flag thrice to win the round. Hit headshots to do more damage to your enemies!

When starting off a game, you get to choose from 6 different playstyles. These playstyles can be made into presets that you can customize on the main menu. They’re different weapons available for each playstyle, each with its pros and cons. Play the way you’re comfortable with.

They’re 15 maps available for you to play Narrow One in. Each map has its unique features with some similarities. To move around the map quickly, try bunny hopping to travel across the map quickly. Near the flag zone, there should be secret entrances for you to use to get back to your home base quickly.

What are the controls for Narrow One?

  • W, A, S, D: Move your character
  • Mouse: Aim
  • Left Mouse Button: Shoot an arrow
  • Right Mouse Button: Zoom in for precision aiming
  • Space Bar: Jump
  • Shift: Sprint

On mobile devices, use the joystick on the left-hand side of the screen to move. Tap on the buttons on the right-hand side to shoot your weapon and jump.


  • Team-based multiplayer action: Invite your friends and play in a custom party with them!
  • Intuitive archery mechanics
  • Multiple maps with unique layouts
  • Capture-the-flag style objectives
  • Customizable character skins
  • Charming low-poly graphics
  • Casual yet competitive gameplay dynamics
  • Unique maps! They’re 15 distinct maps available for you to explore and play Narrow One in.

Release date

March 2021


Pelican Party Studios


All devices

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