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Game Horse Simulator 3D preview
Game Horse Simulator 3D preview

Horse Simulator 3D

Horse Simulator 3D

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Horse Simulator 3D

It’s time to look for the greener pastures while running freely across the vast open world in Horse Simulator 3D! The horses in this game are very smart and can even talk to each other, which allows you to pick up various quests and earn coins by completing them. This game won’t hold your hand, though, so if simply exploring the wilderness is something you would enjoy, just do it!

The graphics aren’t realistic by today’s standards, but the gameplay is still very immersive, so it’s easy to get carried away and spend a lot of time enjoying the horse life. Various RPG elements make progression very rewarding, and if you enjoy character leveling, exploring the open world, and completing various quests, you’re in for a treat!

How to play Horse Simulator 3D

You can take up the life of a responsible horse and start your own family or simply enjoy all the pleasures a stallion’s life has to offer. When you’re feeling tired from all the roaming and questing, there’s a lovely home waiting for you in which you can purchase various cool items. These items will increase the stats of your character and also potential family members.

Take your time to browse through the game menus, read the in-game dialogues, and don’t rush your actions. This awesome game is best enjoyed at your own pace, and the journey itself is often what it’s all about.

What are the controls for Horse Simulator 3D?

Horse Simulator 3D is currently exclusively playable in a PC browser.

  • Move — WASD/Arrow keys
  • Jump — Space 
  • Run — Shift
  • Attack — Left mouse button


  • An immersive horse’s life simulation
  • Plenty of quests in a vast open world
  • Home, family, and many other RPG elements

Release date

October 2023




All devices

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