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Game Stealing the Diamond preview
Game Stealing the Diamond preview

Stealing the Diamond

Stealing the Diamond

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9.7(47 votes)

Stealing the Diamond

Stealing the Diamond is a hilariously entertaining comic-like decision-making 2D game in which your choices really do matter! Guide the poorly drawn stickman on a thrilling diamond heist and make the optimal course of action to avoid getting busted. Once you’ve made a mistake, you can always take a step back, retry the section to make a different decision, or return to start to try a completely different approach.

This glorious mini-game features amusing animations, great music, and comical voice-acted NPC dialogues. There are several options to explore to get the job done, and often times failing is the funniest part of the gameplay. Task failed successfully!

How to play Stealing the Diamond

There are two methods to try out while you’re Stealing the Diamond. You can rely on your stealth and wits and Sneak In, or choose the aggressive path and Bust In the museum. This game is sort of an interactive comic, and the choices you make will affect how the story unfolds.

If you prefer keeping a low profile, you’ll have more time to make thoughtful decisions. Don’t think that the most logical choice will always be the correct one, and remember that failing in this game often leads to some truly comical outcomes.

Eventually, the cops will notice that the centerpiece of the exhibition is missing and start chasing after you. In these dire times, you must act quickly to protect yourself and break away with the precious loot!

What are the controls for Stealing the Diamond?

Tap or click on the highlighted objects to act.


  • A hilarious 2D step-by-step decision-making diamond heist
  • Simple yet eye-catching comic-like graphics and animations
  • Enjoyable music and voice-acted NPC dialogues
  • Two storylines to explore

Release date

July 2011


Puffballs United


All devices

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