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Explore the hilarious and action-packed world of Henry Stickmin, a beloved series of interactive fiction games developed by PuffballsUnited. Renowned for their humor, over-the-top action, and multiple endings determined by player choices, these games offer endless entertainment. Dive into the adventures of Henry Stickmin as he attempts to break into banks, escape from prisons, steal diamonds, and much more!

The Henry Stickmin series

The Henry Stickmin series includes seven captivating games:

  1. Crossing the Pit: Henry tries to cross the pit, can he make it? The first game in the Henry Stickmin -series.
  2. Breaking the Bank: Henry tries to rob a bank, but things go hilariously wrong.
  3. Escaping the Prison: After being caught, Henry plans his great escape from prison.
  4. Stealing the Diamond: Henry's quest to steal a diamond from a heavily guarded museum.
  5. Infiltrating the Airship: Henry's daring mission to infiltrate an airship and steal a government weapon.
  6. Fleeing the Complex: Henry's attempt to escape from a high-security complex.
  7. Completing the Mission: The epic finale only available on Steam, where Henry must complete his mission with multiple possible outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Who created the Henry Stickmin game series?

The Henry Stickmin series was created by Marcus Bromander, also known as PuffballsUnited. The games were developed and published by InnerSloth, the same team behind the popular game "Among Us".

Who is the main villain in the Henry Stickmin series?

The main antagonist in the Henry Stickmin series is Reginald Copperbottom, who is often seen thwarting Henry’s plans and creating additional challenges.

Is Henry Stickmin mute?

Yes, Henry Stickmin is mute. He communicates through expressive animations and actions, which adds to his comedic and endearing charm​.

Can you play the Henry Stickmin games online for free?

Yes you can, right here at HahaGames.com! Just choose your favorite and go on a crazy fun adventure.