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Highway Traffic

Are you a daredevil at heart? Ever wanted to go to the heights of evading traffic for points? Highway Traffic has you covered! Go wild in the road with multiple vehicles available to play now!

How to play Highway Traffic?

The premise is simple as it comes—you earn points which is directly converted to cash which you can use for upgrades and to purchase other cars. These points can be acquired through multiple factors, from doing near-misses by sticking close to the other vehicles, or going the opposite way if you are running with a two-lane traffic. It also features several game modes:

One Way – A standard run, you’re paired with two lanes of road with the same traffic direction as yours.

Two Way – A subset of the standard run, it has the same premise as the One Way but the other lane has an opposite direction from you, which will be important if you are intending to gain points by running opposite.

Time Attack – You run against a timer to reach checkpoints in time, and as you reach them, you gain additional time to get to the other checkpoint until you run out.

Speed Bomb – You’re limited to maintain a specific speed or above in order to keep running, and you lose at the very moment you go below it.

What are the controls for Highway Traffic?

  • You use the WASD or Arrow Keys to move your car.
  • Holding W/Up accelerates your vehicle, while S/Down will slow it down.
  • Hitting Spacebar triggers the Brakes.
  • Q and E keys light up changing lane lights.
  • C key changes camera view.


  • Multiple Game Modes – Have fun with the game modes with varying type of gameplay!
  • Camera Views – Change the way you see as you go through traffic with ease!
  • Assortment of Upgrades – Upgrades change the way your car will go, and is quite intuitive to use!

Release date

October 2018






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