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2 Player Police Racing


2 Player Police Racing

Hop in the driving seat of amazing cars, utility trucks, and heavy-duty vehicles in 2 Player Police Racing. Compete against a friend in a good old-fashioned split-screen multiplayer mode, or win races versus AI to unlock new tracks, earn money and acquire fresh wheels!

How to play 2 Player Police Racing

2 Player Police Racing is a classic multiplayer car-driving simulation game. As you start, in the upper right corner, there are options to turn the music on or off and to tune the graphics to higher or lower preferences. There's a choice between single-player and multiplayer game modes. The driving experience is quite satisfying, and you’ll rarely have to use the brakes since the vehicles turn and maneuver tight corners with ease. Speeding in an urban environment provides the additional adrenaline boost to an already exciting experience. Try to gain the upper hand by finding a few shortcuts here and there or pushing your opponent off the right track.

You can unlock up to 15 new tracks in both multiplayer and single-player modes by winning races. There are plenty of amazing vehicles to unlock, too — cars, fire and ambulance trucks, and even a couple of heavy-duty goliaths! None of these wheels are far too expensive, so you won’t have to grind too hard to get the ones you like the most.

What are the controls for 2 Player Police Racing?

Currently, 2 Player Police Racing is a PC browser exclusive. For single-player mode, use either arrow or WASD keys to drive and steer your car. In split-screen mode, each player takes a respective set of controls in the race.


  • Amazing vehicle models
  • Win races to unlock new tracks
  • Single-player and multiplayer game modes

March 2023


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