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Super Car Extreme Car Driving

Drive amazing cars today and try out up to three different game modes (and more coming soon) in Super Car Extreme Car Driving — an extraordinary driving simulation featuring gorgeous 3D graphics. Most supercar lovers have to come to terms with the bitter truth that there’s a very slight possibility of ever owning one, sooner rather than later. Fortunately, you’ve stumbled upon Super Car Extreme Car Driving — the next best thing!

How to play Super Car Extreme Car Driving

The game provides excellent graphic interpretations of renowned car models and is a real treat for all the senses. You can enjoy it even without having any goal but simply driving these amazing machines.

“Free roam the city” game mode is made exactly for this, and besides the pure joy it provides, it also offers plenty of ramps to tackle, but also coins to collect. Additionally, if you're speeding through the checkpoints scattered around the city, you won’t get fined, but gain bonus points.

In the remaining two game modes you’re able to perform “Stunts” on steep and long ramps, or attempt “Parking” the supercars, and taming these 4-wheeled beasts can prove to be surprisingly difficult.

There are up to 15 different car models to unlock, all beautifully designed. The choice isn’t limited to only sports cars — you can also unlock SUVs, a pick-up truck, or even the Hummer.

What are the controls for Super Car Extreme Car Driving?

Super Car Extreme Car Driving is playable on both PC and mobile devices. On a touchscreen device, all the controls are easily discerned. The controls for the PC version are shown below.

  • WASD or arrow keys — gas, steer, brake
  • Space — hand brake
  • C — change the camera perspective
  • G — slow motion


  • A car driving simulation featuring high-quality 3D graphics
  • 3 different game modes with more of them coming soon
  • Up to 15 awesome cars to unlock

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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