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Highway Road Racing


Highway Road Racing

Feel the thrill of driving supercars at full throttle through dense traffic in Highway Road Racing! Earn money performing serious traffic offenses, such as driving in the opposite direction, near-missing unsuspecting drivers on a busy highway, and many more. Unlock a variety of spectacular sports car models and upgrade their performance even further. Needless to say — do not ever try this IRL on your local highway!

How to play Highway Road Racing

In Highway Road Racing, the objective is to cover as much distance as possible, thus setting the best scores. However, while you’re driving an incredibly powerful machine on a busy highway, this is easier said than done. Collisions will eventually happen, but after a while, you’ll understand how to avoid them better. Pay attention to other cars’ blinkers to predict when they’re about to switch lanes.

There are three game modes available: “One way”, “Two way”, and “Time attack”. In the first two, there’s no time limitation, while in the “Time attack” you’re given 100 seconds to set the best score. Additionally, there are three different stages to choose from in each of the modes.

Risky driving is rewarded with additional points in Highway Road Racing. You’ll earn bonus coins for driving in the opposite direction, near-missing other cars while overtaking them, and consistently driving at speeds over 100 km/h. The currency can be used to unlock new supercars or upgrade the ones you already own. Available upgrades are mostly focused on the car’s performance and include improving your top speed, handling, and brake efficiency.

What are the controls for Highway Road Racing

You can play this high-adrenaline racing simulation for free in your PC browser, and a keyboard is required to play.

  • WASD or arrow keys — Gas, brake, steering
  • Space — Handbrake


  • An extraordinary highway racing simulation game
  • Great graphics engine and responsive controls, and different game modes
  • Plenty of amazing renowned sports cars to unlock and upgrade

March 2023


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