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Game Ultimate Flying Car 2 preview
Game Ultimate Flying Car 2 preview

Ultimate Flying Car 2

Ultimate Flying Car 2

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Ultimate Flying Car 2

Try out some of the most advanced supercars available in a futuristic arcade driving game, Ultimate Flying Car 2! Yes, you read that right, these rides even have in-built wings enabling them to take flight and, more importantly — safely land after jumping off steep ramps. Even though the cars are extremely fast, driving them isn’t at all that hard, and you’ll feel confident behind the steering wheel even on your first playthrough.

The graphics are absolutely stunning, with Racing and Free Drive game modes available and a split-screen 2-player option. In the Garage, you can switch among a total of 7 supercars, two of which are available from the start. To get a better sense of what types of cutting-edge machines you’re dealing with, it’s enough to mention that a Lamborghini is the slowest of them all.

How to play Ultimate Flying Car 2

Once you overcome the initial adrenaline rush induced by roaring engine sounds and mind-boggling speeds, you’ll come to realize that controlling these mechanical beasts isn’t all that hard in this game. You rarely, if ever, need to press the brakes, so it’s all about pushing the pedal to the metal and precise and timely use of the steering wheel.

What are the controls for Ultimate Flying Car 2?

As for now, this awesome arcade driving game is a PC browser exclusive. All the controls for Ultimate Flying Car 2 for both Player1/Player2 are shown in the list below. Note that you can use either set of controls while playing solo.

  • Drive — WASD/arrow keys
  • Nitro boost — Left Shift/M
  • Switch camera — C/O
  • Rearview — T/L
  • Reset car — R/U
  • Activate obstacle (Racing only) — F/J


  • An adrenaline-packed futuristic arcade driving game
  • Flawless 3D graphics, enticing SFX, 7 epic supercars
  • Two game modes: Racing and Free Drive

Release date

January 2024


RHM Interactive



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