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Super Race 3D

Guide the group of strangers across a series of pedestrian crossings on their way to catching a bus in Super Race 3D. Drivers these days don’t always obey traffic regulations, so always look both left and right when crossing the street! The goal of each level is to safely escort the group of passengers to the wildest bus station you’ve ever seen! These brave souls don’t enter the bus like regular people but jump from the stairs leading to nowhere straight into a moving roofless bus. Don’t worry if you miss the first one — you should never chase after buses — as often another one will reach your station shortly.

How to play Super Race 3D

You must escort at least a single stroller to the bus safely to complete each level. Besides, when avoiding losing men in traffic, you also want to miss the moving red gates. If you pass through any of them, the group shrinks. You want to try to go through as many blue gates which multiply the remaining number of pedestrians, thus allowing you to earn more coins upon completing levels.

Judge the distance you need to traverse and the speed of moving vehicles to complete your task successfully. Make sure to hop onto the bus as soon as it appears on the screen, as it takes some time for all the passengers to board it safely.

What are the controls for Super Race 3D?

You can play Super Race 3D on mobile devices and PC alike. Tap or click, then hold to keep the group of pedestrians moving.


  • The group of pedestrians requires your patient guidance
  • Plenty of levels to complete and city streets to cross safely
  • Several skins to unlock with earned coins

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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