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ROD Multiplayer Car Driving


ROD Multiplayer Car Driving

Experience the ultimate hot wheel racing simulation with ROD Multiplayer Car Driving! Race against other players worldwide, or play the single-player mode and explore the city at your own pace. Level up, enjoy different game modes, customize your ride and unlock new ones while seeking fresh challenges!

How to play ROD Multiplayer Car Driving

After you've explored the options in the starting interface, daily rewards, and checked the garage, it's time to click the “play now” button. You'll be able to choose between single-player and multiplayer game modes. Test your driving and drifting skills in an urban environment, push the pedal to the metal to reach impressive speeds, and run through checkpoints scattered around the city. Complete daily rewards to earn cash, which can be used to purchase various sports cars. Each vehicle available has a specific drift, speed, and brake performance score.

Even when no ramps are available, you can summon one right in front of you to perform fancy jumps and neat tricks. In the garage, you can make aesthetic improvements to your ride and fine-tune the suspension system to accommodate your unique driving style.

What are the controls for ROD Multiplayer Car Driving?

ROD Multiplayer Car Driving is available on iPhone, iPad, Android, and PC platforms.

For smartphones, controls are easily discerned and self-explanatory. Use your right thumb for gas, brake, and hand brake and the left thumb for steering and additional commands.

As for PCs, you can use either WASD or arrow keys for steering and the space key for the handbrake. All additional controls are represented on the user interface with the corresponding keys.


  • 3D car racing and drifting simulator
  • Single and multiplayer game modes
  • Level up to unlock additional game modes
  • Plenty of highly customizable vehicles to unlock

March 2023


Cross platform