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Cricket Live


Cricket Live

Cricket Live is a high-skill-cap multiplayer sports simulation. Compete against thousands of players internationally in an exciting inning of cricket. Showcase your keen reflexes and wits in the roles of both the bowler and the batter. Pitch the ball cunningly to surprise your rivals, and aim to bat it high for bonus points.

How to play Cricket Live?

As you start the inning in Cricket Live, you’re randomly awarded a role. Let’s assume you’re playing as the batter first, and you’re expecting your rival to start pitching. It’s completely ok if you don’t hit the ball at all on the first couple of tries. It is tricky, yes, but you’ll surely get better at it soon enough. Try and anticipate at which exact spot in the field ball is getting thrown as quickly as possible. Once you’re certain of its trajectory, you can focus on the swing timing entirely. While batting, you’ll probably notice that the faster balls are much trickier to hit, and you can punish your rivals if the throw is sloppy. You may occasionally attempt a cheesy pitch as a bowler, but in almost every case, faster is better. Always try to stop the pitch-power slider at its very peak. Switch up the throwing distance to prevent the ball’s trajectory from becoming easily predictable.

What are the controls for Cricket Live?

Currently, Cricket Live is a PC browser exclusive, and a mouse is required to play. As the bowler, drag to the desired landing spot and confirm with a left click. Click again to determine the speed of the ball thrown. Time the bat swing to hit the tossed ball as a batter using a left click.


  • Competitive multi-player cricket simulation
  • Requires keen reflexes
  • Play one-on-one against players worldwide
  • Take turns playing as the batter and the bowler

March 2023


Cross platform