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Game Deeeep.io preview
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Explore and survive the depths of Deeeep.io by swimming your way through deadly waters. Eating small creatures and avoiding big ones is the main goal of the game. As easy as it sounds, the game gets very competitive as many players will try to fight you for the number 1 position on the leaderboard. Eat or be eaten!

How to play Deeeep.io?

Start off as a little sea creature of your choosing. Different sea creatures have different abilities, so make sure to pick the ideal one for you. If you find yourself being pursued, pull out all your hide-and-seek abilities to escape by making use of the terrain for safety. There will be various kinds of seafood for you to eat. Eat and get bigger to dominate. Deeeep.io's ocean is divided up into various zones and locations. For instance, as a basic clownfish, you can only swim in shallow waters; if you go deeper, your fish would eventually suffocate. This limits your playing area to some extent. Additionally, there are various water temperatures, and some species can only survive in particular temperatures. Be sure to pay attention to the help boxes that will indicate if you are in danger. If you think playing alone is too hard, you can always invite some friends over and dominate the waters together!

Remember, it’s the survival of the fittest (and fattest!).

What are the controls for Deeeep.io?

  • When playing on your PC, point your cursor toward the direction you want your character to go. You can double-click to use your skills
  • When playing on your mobile device, touch the screen and move your finger toward the direction you want your character to move, tap to use the skills


  • Numerous sea creatures for you to choose from
  • Crazy amounts of volume in the sea depths for you to swim through Multiple different game modes to play
  • Fun progression as you consume smaller creatures to grow and get stronger yourself

Release date

March 2023


Federico Mouse


All devices

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