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Snake io war




Snake io war

If you ever feel nostalgic and want to play the good old games, Snake IO war should be at the top of your list. This game is a gorgeous revamped version of the classic snake game. Devour objects scattered around the map to grow bigger, collect various power-ups, and outwit your opponents with proficient movement. Slither across the colorful 2D terrain to become the longest serpent in the arena, get the highest scores and unlock some amazing and unique skins.

How to play Snake IO war?

You may initially think that the bigger snake should eat the smaller one, but in Snake IO war, this isn’t the case. Simply running into your opponents will lead to your demise. You should rather try and cut off your rivals’ path, forcing them to run into your serpent to eliminate them. Once your snake is long enough, you will be able to make some fancy moves, such as encircling your adversaries, thus trapping them. If you get yourself in some hard-to-get-out-of situations, you can attempt to escape by performing a quick turn and slithering away in the direction you initially came from. If your retreat route is also cut off, you can curl up and continue moving in a circle until you spot an opening to continue the hunt.

What are the controls for Snake IO war?

Snake IO war controls are optimized for touchscreen devices, but you can also play on a PC. In the settings menu, you can switch the positions of the available controls to your preference. Use the thumb of one hand to navigate the direction of your snake and the other one to boost your speed when required.


  • A worthy spin-off of the classic snake game with interesting additions
  • Various game modes to try out and amazing skins to unlock
  • Controls are optimized for touchscreen devices but also playable on a PC

March 2023


Cross platform