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Snake.is MLG Edition

Gobble all the snacks and drinks you stumble upon to sate your everlasting hunger for growth in Snake.is MLG Edition! This awesome 2D snake game has it all! It’s played in a competitive multiplayer mode and there are numerous challenges you’re tasked with completing. Succeed in these tasks to earn currency and unlock plenty of hilarious skins from the wardrobe.

The rules are simple, the gameplay is fast-paced and exciting, and once you get into it, it’s really difficult to stop playing. Don’t underestimate even the smallest of enemies because overconfidence is often the bane of progress. The bigger they are, the harder they fall!

How to play Snake.is MLG Edition

You shouldn’t focus too much on challenges but rather place your attention on perfecting movement and reaction times. You’ll get all the tasks done if you manage to stay alive for long enough, so you should put an emphasis on protecting yourself first.

After gaining some length, you’ll be able to curl up in a ball or create continuous 8-shaped patterns. This way, the body of the snake protects the head, and you become virtually invulnerable. You may get dizzy from all that spinning, though.

Don’t use the speed boost unless it’s necessary because this will decrease the snake’s length. Speed up unpredictably to catch your opponents off guard and eliminate them.

What are the controls for Snake.is MLG Edition?

Snake.is MLG Edition is not available on mobile web browsers, but you can play it in a PC browser for free. Use WASD/arrow keys or a mouse pointer to move, and use the left mouse button or the shift key for the speed boost.


  • Action-packed 2D multiplayer snake game
  • Plenty of progressively more difficult challenges
  • Hilarious snake skins

Release date

March 2022




All devices

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