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In DigDig.io players take on the role of diggers, embarking on a quest to collect precious gems and become the ultimate underground master. The game's charm lies in its straightforward mechanics and competitive nature, where players can either compete against each other or form alliances to dominate the underground realm.

How to play DigDig.io?

The gameplay involves controlling your digger with the mouse and navigating through an underground maze to collect resources and grow in size. Players must be cautious of larger opponents, as they pose a threat to smaller diggers. To gain mass and become stronger, you need to dig tunnels and collect resources while avoiding deadly traps and enemies. Quick reflexes and strategic thinking are key to surviving and thriving in this game.

Choose your favorite from many of the exciting game modes:

  • FFA (Free-for-All): In this mode, every digger competes individually to collect gems and dominate the underground world. It's a test of skill and survival where only the strongest diggers emerge victorious.
  • TDM (Team Deathmatch): Team up with a squad of fellow diggers and work together to outsmart and outmaneuver opposing teams. Cooperation and coordination are essential to secure victory in this team-based mode.
  • TAG (Hide and Seek): Experience the thrill of hiding and seeking in the underground tunnels. Players take turns being the seeker and the hider, adding an element of suspense and strategy to the gameplay.
  • Battle Royale: Enter a high-stakes competition where only one digger can emerge as the last one standing. Fight against other players in a shrinking play area, gather resources, and use your skills to survive until the end.
  • Maze: Navigate through a complex maze filled with twists, turns, and obstacles. All players are confined to the maze, adding an extra layer of challenge and excitement to the gameplay.

What are the controls for DigDig.io?

On desktops:

  • Mouse Movement: Directs the digger
  • Left Mouse Button (Hold): Accelerates the digger
  • Right Mouse Button (Hold): Slow down

On mobile devices:

  • Tap and hold on the screen to move
  • Tap on "A" to accelerate
  • Tap on "B" to slow down


  • Multiplayer Gameplay: Engage in a competitive or cooperative experience with players worldwide.
  • Simple Controls: Easy-to-understand mechanics that make the game accessible to all players.
  • Resource Collection: Gather gems and other items to grow your digger.
  • Competitive and Cooperative Modes: Choose to compete against others or form alliances.
  • Dynamic Environment: A constantly changing underground world filled with challenges and surprises.

Release date

July 2021


Matheus Valadares


All devices

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