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Game Hexanaut.io preview
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In Hexanaut.io, your objective is to capture territory by enclosing hexagons with your snake-like avatar. However, your rivals won't make it easy for you to rule the arena. Strive to become the king by eliminating all opponents!

How to Play Hexanaut.io?

Venture outside your base to sketch a shape and complete the loop back to your territory to claim the enclosed hexagons. Continually capture hexagons to level up and earn a speed bonus. Seize Totems scattered across the map for additional advantages:

  • Speed Totem: enhances your speed
  • Teleport Gate: instantly transports you near the edge of your territory
  • Slowing Totem: reduces the speed of any enemy within its effect range
  • Spy Tower: provides complete visibility on the minimap

You can eliminate rivals by slicing through their tails. Although your territory is a safe zone, be cautious of opponents' attacks when you're outside your base. In Hexanaut.io, there's no need to exhaust yourself attempting to capture the entire map. Reach a 20% territory coverage to become the king and maintain your crown for three minutes to secure victory. Be mindful that your position will be known to other players who will be targeting you. Eliminate them, and they won't have a chance to respawn.

What are the controls for Hexanaut.io?

  • On desktops move using your mouse
  • On mobile devices hold your finger on the screen


  • Online Multiplayer: Players compete against each other in real-time.
  • Territory Capture: Players venture out of their zone to capture territory.
  • Totems: Special items that provide bonuses like slowing opponents or revealing territories.
  • Ranking System: Players progress through tiers as they gain experience.
  • Character Customization: Variety of skins for characters that can be unlocked or purchased​

Release date

March 2022


Exodragon Games


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