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Mk48.io is an incredible 2D online multiplayer massive naval battle simulation in which you’ll compete to become the undisputed ruler of the ocean. You’ll start off controlling a small battleship, and you’ll gain experience by collecting supply crates scattered across the map or blowing up other ships. Upon leveling up you’ll have a choice among several classes of battle rafts, and these decisions greatly affect the gameplay.

There are 11 classes of ships available, and each of them has a different arsenal of weapons, strengths, and weaknesses. You can control submarines, cruisers, aircraft carriers, dredgers, icebreakers, and many other incredible machines. If you like playing as a team, you can form fleets with other players, and the most experienced captains can start expeditions to explore the unforgiving arctic biome.

How to play Mk48.io

Mastering this complex naval battle simulation game takes time, so you shouldn’t rush anything. Make sure to read the in-game Help Guide to get an idea of everything this awesome game has to offer. Avoid direct conflict in the beginning but focus on scavenging floating supply crates to gain experience and earn the opportunity to try out the more powerful ships.

What are the controls for Mk48.io?

You can play Mk48.io on both PC and mobile devices. Use the right mouse click, arrow, or WASD keys to move your ship while playing on a PC, the X key to stop, and the left mouse button to fire your weapons. Tap and hold to move if playing on mobile, and tap repeatedly to use weapons. Use the mouse scroll or pinch on a touchscreen device to zoom in and out.


  • An incredibly immersive 2D naval battle simulation
  • 11 ship classes, different weapons, and play styles
  • Several new ships to choose from upon leveling up
  • A lively online multiplayer experience

Release date

June 2021


Softbear Studios


All devices

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