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Sumo.io is an arcade game in which you must tactfully push your opponents out of the arena while ensuring your character doesn’t fall off or get pushed out by others. Here, your goal is to become the king of the hill by eliminating all your opponents. 

As you push them out, you become stronger and earn coins to buy new skins and level up your skills to face stronger opponents. The arena becomes trickier and your opponents even more challenging as you advance further. 

It’s an exciting online multiplayer game that allows you to pit your alien-looking wrestler against players from all across the globe. 

How To Play Sumo.io?

After opening the game, you need to enter your player name and choose between “classic” and “epic” modes. The game is very straightforward to play — you navigate your sumo wrestler in an arena and try to push all your opponents out. To proceed to the next level, you need to eliminate every single one of them. The arena is surrounded by water and can take various shapes, sometimes even featuring water in the middle. 

You lose the game when you fall out of the arena, but defeating your opponents makes you better and stronger. And as you keep winning, you start facing even more challenging wrestlers.

What Are The Controls For Sumo.io?

You can control your sumo wrestler with the arrows or WASD keys on your keyboard. To push your opponents, you can either press the spacebar or click the mouse buttons. The character will follow your mouse cursor, so be careful where you aim. When playing on your smartphone, simply move your finger on the screen and tap to push. 


  • Arena-based brawling game
  • Online multiplayer 
  • Various skins 
  • Multiple levels 

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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