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9.1(11 votes)


Create fortresses and build a unique world of your choosing as MooMoo.io gives you the opportunity to have no limits when it comes to creation. The only boundaries are within your mind! Fight for your survival against other players while collecting more items and resources for better upgrades and higher levels. Cast out in a thrilling atmosphere, the game never ceases to keep you on the edge of your toes.

How to play MooMoo.io?

Accumulate materials and construct buildings to improve your chances for survival. To collect materials, you can chop up trees for wood, mine rocks for stone or collect food from the bushes. Use these materials to build a village for yourself with protective spikes, walls and windmills that generate gold! Beware as many enemy players will try to get rid of you in the battle for resources. Remember to be quick and agile! The higher level you are, the easier it is to conquer the map. If you are low on health, be sure to forage the bushes for food. Food is life, eating it restores your health after receiving damage.

What are the controls for MooMoo.io?

When playing on your PC:

  • Use the ‘W, A, S, D’ keys to move
  • ‘1 – 9’ keys or left-click to select the layouts of your choosing
  • Left-click or ‘Spacebar’ to gather items or melee enemy players
  • Press ‘E’ to auto attack
  • Press ‘Q’ to select food items
  • ‘X’ to lock rotation
  • ‘R’ to ping the mini map
  • Use ‘C’ to mark the map
  • Press ‘Enter’ to communicate with other players

When playing on your mobile device:

  • Touch the left side of your screen and drag it along to make your character move
  • By touching and dragging the right side of your screen, you will be able to make your character turn. You can also touch the right side repeatedly to hit enemies or to gather resources


  • Invite your friends and create a party to play together
  • Visually stunning cartoon-type graphics
  • Customizable characters with a unique upgrade system

Release date

March 2023


Sidney de Vries


All devices

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