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Game SuperHero.io 2 Chaos Giant preview
Game SuperHero.io 2 Chaos Giant preview

SuperHero.io 2 Chaos Giant

SuperHero.io 2 Chaos Giant

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SuperHero.io 2 Chaos Giant

Enjoy the epic online multiplayer one-shot battles and PvP mayhem in a fast-paced 2D action clicker SuperHero.io 2 Chaos Giant! Fight for supremacy against dozens of players in a tightly packed arena, pick up buffs, upgrade your stats, and unlock new heroes. There are Training, Classic, and Wild game modes, but the core gameplay mechanics remain the same in each of them.

The heroes of different levels, stats, and sizes swing at each other with melee weapons, and each precise blow is lethal. To get bigger weapons and level up in each battle, you must either collect gems scattered across the map or whack your opponents to gain experience. Upon inevitable death in the arena, you’ll earn coins that can be used to purchase slight but essential Attack Area, Movement Speed, and Attack Speed upgrades.

How to play SuperHero.io 2 Chaos Giant 

Meticulous movement, clever jukes, and flawless timing are the keys to victory in this game. You want to pay close attention to the attack animation of your hero. Once you initiate the swing, the character will hold position and remain stuck in the attack animation. If you fail to deliver the precise blow, you’ll most likely get eliminated shortly after.

Notice that the characters are wielding the weapons in their left hands, and learn to use this to your advantage. Always approach the enemies with your weapon-wielding hand closer to them to reduce the time required to hit. 

What are the controls for SuperHero.io 2 Chaos Giant?

You can play the epic online PvP SuperHero.io 2 Chaos Giant in both PC and mobile web browsers. Use the mouse pointer to move your character across the battlefield and click to swing the weapon. Use the joystick button on the left to move on mobile and the sword button on the right to attack.


  • A fast-paced online PvP arena action clicker
  • Multiple game modes, stat upgrades, dozens of heroes
  • Simple but skill-based and highly addictive gameplay

Release date

May 2022




All devices

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