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Game CleanUp.IO preview
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Doing household chores is a gruesome task for many of us but it’s truly hilarious and wildly entertaining in CleanUp.IO! You start the game off as a humble vacuum cleaner that can only pick up the smallest of objects scattered around the town. Each object you sweep fills up the XP bar, and once it reaches 100% you’ll grow in size, allowing you to vacuum bigger stuff.

Eventually, you’ll be able to clean up entire buildings and rival players, and at that point, the gameplay becomes really epic. No desk, chair, tree, car, or train station is safe from the power of your mighty vacuum! Additionally, this extraordinary 3D multiplayer action game features 3 different game modes and dozens of comical skins to unlock.

How to play CleanUp.IO

Your choices are quite limited in the very beginning, so it’s important to focus on picking up only the smallest of objects, at least until you’ve grown a bit. After a couple of size-ups, it’s easy to snowball the game and dominate the opponents around the town.

Classic and Champion are multiplayer game modes in which you’ll compete for a higher score against other tidy players. The only difference is that in Classic you gain extra points for devouring smaller vacuum cleaners. In the Single mode, you’ll have 2 minutes to clean up as many objects on the map, and your best score is shown in percentages.

What are the controls for CleanUp.IO?

CleanUp.IO is playable on mobile and PC devices alike. Tap or click, then hold and drag to move the vacuum cleaner around the city and grow as big as possible.


  • An extraordinary 3D action game with unique gameplay
  • Vacuum cleaners grow absurdly big and sweep entire towns
  • 2 multiplayer and 1 single-player game modes

Release date

July 2019


Bin Studio


All devices

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