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Game Skydom: Reforged preview
Game Skydom: Reforged preview

Skydom: Reforged

Skydom: Reforged

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Skydom: Reforged

Skydom: Reforged is an exciting 2D match-3 game that brings a competitive twist to everyone’s favorite casual gaming genre. While you’re out on the epic Adventure every several levels, you’ll play the same puzzle simultaneously against human opponents from around the world. To proceed to the next level in the campaign, you will have to replay these PvP match-3 battles until the victory is achieved.

The vivid graphics accompanied by relaxing music make for a comfy vibe and before even realizing you’re immersed in a dreamy world full of possibilities. Fresh tile-matching mechanics and boosters are gradually introduced into the already addictive gameplay, making this puzzle highly enjoyable and entertaining during prolonged gaming sessions.

How to play Skydom: Reforged

Each level presents you with a specific Goal, and to achieve it, you must swap adjacent tiles to match at least three identical pieces. Combining more than three matching objects in a row or column, or 2-by-2 square, creates special tiles that provide unique and more potent board-clearing possibilities.

Always be aware of your current Goal because just matching random pieces without it in mind might be a waste of precious moves, which are most often limited. Try to perceive the reactions your moves will cause to the remaining tiles on the board, and don’t rush.

What are the controls for Skydom: Reforged?

Just like most of the match-3 games on our website, Skydom: Reforged is optimized for both PC and mobile web browsers. The controls are simple and intuitive. Click or tap on a tile, then click or tap on the adjacent tile to swap them and create triplets.


  • An impressive match-3 game with a competitive multiplayer twist
  • Plenty of levels to complete on your epic campaign Adventure
  • Friends, daily challenges, special tiles, and boosters

Release date

January 2023


The Pew Pew


All devices

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