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Game Feudal Wars preview
Game Feudal Wars preview

Feudal Wars

Feudal Wars

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Feudal Wars

Feudal Wars is an immersive online-multiplayer medieval 3D real-time strategy reminiscent of the all-time great Age of Empires. There are 12 powerful nations to choose from, dozens of playable maps, and a thriving community of players actively contributing to this outstanding free-to-play browser game. The graphics in the game are awesome, the music is great, and the tactical gameplay is highly addictive.

Capture the mines and lumber mills to increase resource production, build farms to produce food, and homes to increase your army size cap. Use the gold collected to advance through 3 ages thus unlocking new techs and units. Wipe your enemies off the face of the land to secure sovereignty over the war-plagued realms!

How to play Feudal Wars

Just like in most real-time strategy games, you want to use the 4X method (explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate) to secure victory. Focus on capturing as many production structures early on, and don’t let the precious materials stack up. Train units and build additional structures whenever you’ve accumulated enough resources. Use the benefits of new techs and units once you hit the age upgrade timing to launch decisive and unstoppable attacks.

What are the controls for Feudal Wars?

As for now, Feudal Wars remains a PC browser exclusive. Use the left mouse button to select individual units or buildings. Click, hold, drag, and finally release to select multiple units. Use the right mouse button to attack selected units or send them marching to the desired location. Click the icons or use the keyboard hotkeys to select the structures you want to build, then click on the viable spot on the map to erect them.


  • A worthy free-to-play Age of Empires clone
  • Medieval real-time strategy at its finest
  • 12 nations, dozens of maps, a thriving community

Release date

December 2023


Feudal Wars



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