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9.7(29 votes)


Richup.io offers a modern online twist on the classic board game Monopoly. But unlike the original Monopoly, Richup is accessible from anywhere and best of all — you can enjoy the game solo by playing against bots or have fun with friends and other players online!

How to play Richup.io?

The gameplay of Richup.io revolves around buying and trading properties to create a monopoly and outmaneuver your opponents financially. Each player starts with a balance of $1500, and as you roll the dice and move around the board, you get to choose to acquire properties which yield you rent whenever another player lands on them. Owning sets of properties increases the rent that other players must pay when they land on them, with the ultimate goal of bankrupting the other players.

You also encounter various chance cards and community spaces that can either benefit or hinder your progress. Strategic property trades and building upgrades like houses and hotels are crucial to gaining a financial edge. The game captures the essence of competitive capitalism where sharp trading skills can make or break your game.

What are the controls for Richup.io?

Interact with the game using your mouse on desktop devices, and on mobile devices simply tap on the screen. The point-and-click interface allows you to manage your properties, interact with game elements, and navigate through various menus and options within the game in a very intuitive way.


  • Multiplayer: play with friends or strangers online
  • Strategic real estate management gameplay
  • Easy access via web browsers without the need for installation
  • Visually appealing board and property designs featuring international locations and catchy sound effects
  • Regular updates and improvements from the developers

Release date

April 2024




All devices

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