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Game Bandits Multiplayer PVP preview
Game Bandits Multiplayer PVP preview

Bandits Multiplayer PVP

Bandits Multiplayer PVP

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Bandits Multiplayer PVP

Bandits Multiplayer PVP is an online multiplayer cowboy-styled horse-riding arena, featuring 6 different game modes, third-person POV, action-packed gameplay, and awesome graphics. Saddle a horse and slash the opponents with your trusty sword or eliminate them from afar using a bow and arrows. 

Just swinging melee weapons is hard enough while riding (not to mention shooting), so this epic third-person online multiplayer has quite a learning curve. The battles are thrilling and fiercely competitive, and if PvP multiplayer is what you enjoy in games — you’re lucky to have stumbled upon this one!

How to play Bandits Multiplayer PVP

In this fast-paced multiplayer action mastering the movement is the key to victory. Ranged weapons are fairly ineffective and inconsistent compared to the melee swings, so most clashes will be up close and personal. You want to juke the opponents to evade their attacks and outmaneuver them to deliver deadly blows.

The flank from which you’re attacking is very important so keep it in mind to avoid swinging at the wrong side. An abrupt change of pace and direction will often catch your enemies off guard, enabling you to chip away at their health points. It takes quite a few blows to down a foe, so it’s important to try and make the best of every exchange.

What are the controls for Bandits Multiplayer PVP?

Bandits Multiplayer PVP is a PC exclusive, and a keyboard and mouse are required to play effectively.

Keyboard controls:

  • Ride — WASD
  • Equip bow — 1
  • Equip sword — 2
  • Jump — Space
  • Gallop — Left Shift
  • Open Menu — Escape/Tab

Mouse controls:

  • Direct movement/look around — mouse navigate
  • Sword swing right/bow aim — RMB
  • Sword swing left/fire ranged weapon — LMB


  • A horse-riding third-person online multiplayer action
  • 6 game modes, including DM, TDM, and Battle Royale
  • Great graphics and captivating competitive gameplay

Release date

November 2018





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