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Guess Who?


Guess Who?

Guess Who is an online game that is an adaptation of a classic offline game with an identical name. This game will be a fascinating entertainment for both adults and children because its main purpose is to develop logic and attentiveness. It will be good for long journeys when it is not convenient to read a book, and you are tired of the scenery outside your window. You will not play as any character. Your goal is to guess the supposed characters by asking a question that can only be answered with one word, "yes" or "no ."At first glance, the game "Guess Who" may not seem very exciting. But do not jump to conclusions. It can draw participants in for a long time.

How to play Guess Who?

When you enter the game, you first have to choose a character to be guessed by the others. You can compete against computer algorithms or, in the multiplayer version, against real people. After that, choose your character and give them a name. Next, a scoreboard with puzzled characters will appear in front of you. Once you start playing, leading questions will appear. Choose the one that's right for you. For example, "Is the character a boy or a girl?" After answering, the game algorithm will immediately weed out the characters that do not meet the selected criterion. The game is considered passed only when only one character remains on the board. Try this with the Guess Who game!


  • An entertaining game designed to help you have fun on the road or in between everyday activities.
  • Fun for both adults and children.
  • Beautiful and pleasant graphics, accompanied by good music.
  • Develops logic and observation.
  • Available in the online version of your browser.

March 2023


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