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Game Guess My Sketch preview
Game Guess My Sketch preview

Guess My Sketch

Guess My Sketch

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8.1(21 votes)

Guess My Sketch

Guess My Sketch is a hilariously entertaining social drawing game. Play with random players from around the world or create a private room, send the invite codes to your friends or family, and have a laugh together! The game lobby is designed for up to 10 players. Once it’s your turn to sketch, you get to choose one of three given concepts to depict as accurately as you can. While guessing, do your best to interpret often poorly drawn objects before the time is up. Work together as a team to reach higher scores!

How to play Guess My Sketch?

While drawing in Guess My Sketch, the other players will certainly judge your artistic abilities. Make sure to choose an object that is the easiest for you to draw but at the same time for other players to discern. Think of creative ways to help out the guessers to make out what you’re trying to depict. You can provide your teammates an additional hint by incorporating easily recognizable symbols in your works of art. Let’s assume you’ve chosen to sketch a bank. A simple building is easy enough to draw, but who could possibly know it’s a bank? But if you add a simple green “$” sign on its facade, the other players will have a much easier time guessing it right.

What are the controls for Guess My Sketch?

While playing Guess My Sketch, you can select the colors and thickness of the lines in the menu at the bottom of your screen. Draw using your mouse on a PC and your finger or pen if you’re playing on a smartphone or tablet. Type the words in the provided field to guess what the drawn object represents.


  • Entertaining free-to-play multiplayer social game
  • Showcase your epic drawing skills
  • Use a variety of colors to emphasize specific features

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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