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Fishing Duels


Fishing Duels

Compete for bragging rights of being THE master angler in Fishing Duels, a “match-3” online multiplayer game. Play against a friend or other aspiring fishermen worldwide in this thrilling puzzle game. Think ahead, line up combos, and use unique abilities to turn the tides of a duel, even in seemingly hopeless situations.

How to play Fishing Duels?

The win condition in Fishing Duels is to be the first to catch a predetermined amount of fish. You can do it the obvious way, by lining up three or more fish tiles vertically or horizontally. After the usually plentiful start, as you’ve snatched some fish effortlessly, you ought to consider a more strategic approach. The first thing to note is that if you line up more than three identical tiles in a row or column, you earn an extra turn, so you might want to keep an eye out for those whenever available.

Some fish are worth more than others, so make sure to match the ones marked with “+3” first. When there's no easy catch in sight, notice that other items on the board, such as fishing nets, poles, bobbers, or worm bait, once collected in certain quantities, allow you to use special abilities. If timed right, these can prove to be very powerful — the “net” ability, for example, will instantly seize all the fish available on the board. You can also “attack” your rival to deplete their cache, add more fish to the puzzle, or even plunder your foes!

What are the controls for Fishing Duels?

You can play Fishing Duels on your phone, tablet, or PC. Simply click on the icon you want to move, then click on the adjacent tile to match 3 identical tiles.


  • Progression through levels for more challenging duels
  • Player profile and achievements
  • Monthly, weekly and daily leaderboards

March 2023


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