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Ubisoft All Star Blast!


Ubisoft All Star Blast!

Ubisoft All Star Blast is the ultimate free-to-play browser spin-off of the Nintendo classic game — Bomberman! The game plays and feels just like the original Bomberman, but you get to play one of the characters from the rich universe of Ubisoft games. You can choose to play as Prince of Persia, Rayman, Sam Fisher, Ezio Auditore, and many others. Place the bombs to blow up your rivals, and try not to get jammed in the crowded battlefield! Pick up various boosts on the map to increase your firepower in the battle royale game for up to 99 players!

How to play Ubisoft All Star Blast?

At the beginning of each round in Ubisoft All Star Blast, you’ll have to plant a few bombs to open up the map a little bit. As you navigate through this maze of carnage, you will notice that there are several power-ups you can pick up, but also some negative status effects. It’s strongly advised to keep moving at all times. Remember that you become an easy target if you enter dead-end corridors for whatever reason. Look out for rivals who made this mistake, and capitalize by placing bombs to trap them, thus blocking their escape route.

Ubisoft All Star Blast is a simple, thrilling, and highly addictive game featuring fast-paced gameplay, gorgeous 2D graphics, and plenty of characters to unlock. Whether you’re a classic game enthusiast or have never heard of the Bomberman games, you will undoubtedly have a blast playing this one!

What are the controls for Ubisoft All Star Blast?

The controls are revealed as soon as you enter the game. Use the arrow keys to move, and tap on the bomb icon to place it.


  • A top-tier free-to-play game similar to Bomberman
  • Battle Royale format with up to 99 players
  • Play as one of your favorite Ubisoft characters

March 2023


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