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Gummy Blocks Battle


Gummy Blocks Battle

Play a casual puzzle game at your own pace, or compete against random players or your friends in Gummy Blocks Battle! The objective of this Tetris-like puzzle game is to thoughtfully position blocks of different shapes and sizes on a 10-by-10 board. Place the shapes to fill out rows and columns, thus clearing the cells and creating more space for the upcoming rounds. You are given up to three pieces to work with simultaneously. The game is over once you lack the room on the board to dispose of the awarded blocks.

How to play Gummy Blocks Battle

Playing this game is both relaxing and exciting, depending mostly on the game mode. In single-player, there’s no time limitation, therefore, it’s the recommended option if you’re new to Gummy Blocks Battle. Once you’ve got the hang of the essentials, it’s important to note that in multiplayer, there are some additional rules. Remember that you’ll have a limited amount of time — to earn extra seconds, you must clear rows or columns. If you clear 2 or more lines of blocks either horizontally or vertically, you will disrupt your opponent’s board with immovable blocks for a brief period.

You may find yourself missing crucial pieces to clear some rows in back-to-back rolls. If this is the case, you might want to change your perspective and seek vertical solutions to your predicament. Memorize all the shapes available, but don’t rely on getting the exact ones that would fit the current layout perfectly. Design multi-line combos to lock your enemy’s cells once their board is getting stacked to deal the final blow.

What are the controls for Gummy Blocks Battle?

You can play Gummy Blocks Battle on a smartphone, tablet, or PC. Simply click and drag the blocks to the desired position.


  • Exciting and inventive Tetris-like puzzle game
  • Casual single-player and competitive multiplayer game modes
  • Playable on a smartphone, tablet, or PC

March 2023


Cross platform