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Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night


Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night

Become the apex predator and undisputed ruler of the ocean in Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night! Break free from the net, grow in size and strength as you devour progressively larger prey, and be quick about it! In this battle royale format game, you’ll be put in the ocean with as many as 20 sharks, and any predator not careful enough can easily become the prey!

How to play Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night?

The goal of Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night is to become the largest fish in the pond — eat or be eaten! As you start your adventure, you won't be able to hunt just any prey you stumble upon but rather settle for the smallest of fishes. Once you've feasted upon enough of these, your shark will grow in size and become able to hunt bigger creatures. It's a good idea to avoid fighting other players at first, but focus on hunting and getting as fat as you can. To score a killing blow on other players, you have to “dash” through them. It's also necessary that you're at least the same size or bigger than your opponents to devour them. While on the hunt for the ever-bigger kill, make sure to avoid the submerged explosives — hitting these will stun you for a brief period, making you an easy target.

What are the controls for Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night?

On the left side of the interface menu, there's a "How to play" button. As you're entering a battleground, the controls will be additionally explained.

  • Spam-click to break free from the net
  • Drag your pointer to move
  • Click to dash and devour your opponents
  • Dash towards the surface to jump out of the water.


  • Battle royale multiplayer madness
  • Different shark classes
  • Variety of sharks to unlock in each class
  • Worldwide and regional leaderboards

March 2023


Cross platform